Meet Michael Shvartsman, an accomplished business leader and CEO of Rocket One Capital, a prominent venture capital firm based in Miami, Florida. With a background in finance and entrepreneurship, Michael has cultivated a successful track record of guiding startups and early-stage companies to scale and achieve market success. His strategic insights and hands-on approach have positioned Rocket One Capital as a key player in the innovation ecosystem. Beyond business, Michael is passionate about philanthropy and actively supports organizations focused on youth empowerment, healthcare, and environmental conservation. His multifaceted expertise and commitment to social impact set him apart as a leader in both business and community engagement.

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“Michael Shvartsman is a distinguished figure in the realm of technological innovation, serving as the Founder and Managing Partner of Rocket One Capital. He directs the strategic vision and operational excellence of the Firm and its pioneering investments, driven by a steadfast commitment to integrity and advancing technology. With over Three decades of experience, Mr. Shvartsman has been a trailblazer at the forefront of technological evolution, leading Rocket One Capital to the pinnacle of the technology sector through visionary leadership and strategic investments in cutting-edge fields such as financial technology, advertising technology, e-commerce, and Social Commerce. His unparalleled ingenuity and global network enable him to identify and seize emerging opportunities, resulting in a track record of success highlighted by the founding, investment, and scaling of notable technology companies. Mr. Shvartsman’s dedication to philanthropy underscores his belief in leveraging technology for societal betterment, while his role as head of the Fund’s Investment Committee positions him as a key influencer in shaping the future of technological innovation and societal impact.”

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