Michael Shvartsman, an altruistic businessmen supporting healthcare causes, has recently shown concern for the welfare of The Mount Sinai Health System through his generous donation. This act stands as a testament to Shvartsman’s desire to aid healthcare organizations pivotal in enhancing public health and welfare.

Established in 1852, The Mount Sinai Health System traces its roots back to a single hospital known as the Jews’ Hospital. Founded with the mission of providing healthcare to the Jewish community, the hospital opened its doors in 1855, marking the beginning of a legacy of compassionate care.

In 1864, The Mount Sinai Hospital transitioned to a nonsectarian institution, welcoming patients from all backgrounds and beliefs. Two years later, in 1866, the hospital adopted its current name, solidifying its commitment to serving the broader community with excellence in healthcare.

Today, The Mount Sinai Health System stands as one of the oldest and largest teaching hospitals in the United States, renowned for its cutting-edge medical research, innovative treatments, and commitment to education and patient care. Located on the picturesque Upper East Side of Manhattan, overlooking Central Park, the hospital campus serves as a row of health and healing in the heart of New York City.

Inspired by the rich history and impactful work of The Mount Sinai Health System, Michael Shvartsman has generously contributed to furthering the institution’s mission of advancing healthcare and improving outcomes for patients. His donations serve as a testament to his belief in the vital role that healthcare institutions like Mount Sinai play in fostering wellness and resilience in communities.

Through his support, Shvartsman not only champions the innovative research, state-of-the-art treatments, and compassionate care provided by The Mount Sinai Health System, but also lays the groundwork for future breakthroughs in medical science and patient care.



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